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Our compact bottom load case packing machines (erect, form, load and seal) are designed to completely eliminate manual labor from the case loading and sealing process. These flexible case packers are manufactured to your specific production requirements and can handle a wide variety of products while greatly increasing productivity.

How it works:

1. Automatically erect and form a corrugated case
2. Convey incoming product (containers, jugs, bottles, cartons, boxes, widgets) to the staging area
3. Stack and stage the incoming product
4. Once the incoming product is stacked per your pack pattern, we will automatically load the case from the bottom in order to ensure the most delicate transfer possible.
5. When the case is filled, the bottom and top flaps of the corrugated case will be folded
6. Folded case flaps will then either be glued or tapes
7. Voila! An automatically case packed finished product is ready to ship to your customer

Commonly used for products requiring careful handling and loading into corrugated cases including delicate baked products, heavy cartons, containers with liquid, widgets and more.

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