EndFlex PopLok™ tray forming machine leads e-commerce

EndFlex PopLok™ tray forming machine leads e-commerce

PopLok automatic tray forming machine for e-commerce (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EndFlex LLC. a Florida based packaging machinery manufacturer (www.endflex.com) has increased output to deliver its industry leading PopLok™ automatic tray formers to e-commerce giants in apparel, electronics, fulfillment, beauty, health, pet and home delivery meal kits as demand for online purchases has continued to grow month over month.

The PopLok tray forming machine is engineered to take flat corrugated tray blanks and automatically fold, tuck and orient them to make product loading quick and efficient.

Cardboard lidded trays are amongst the most popular choice for e-commerce companies due to their ability to withstand the rigors of transportation and most of all their high-quality presentation to the consumer.

The PopLok (https://www.endflex.com/fold-and-tuck-tray-former/) can produce up to 1,200 lidded cardboard trays an hour while greatly increasing production efficiencies. It can also be used to produce high end display trays used in retail stores to present consumer goods.

“We are proud to be a USA based manufacturer of packaging machines and create well-paying technical jobs here in the state of Florida,” says vice president of operations Jorge Perez.

About: EndFlex was established in 1998 and is a manufacturer of automated packaging machines including case erecting, case sealing, cartoning, tray forming, case packing, robotic palletizing and turnkey end of line systems.