EndFlex Automated End of Line Packaging Systems

Established in 1998, EndFlex LLC. is a USA-based manufacturer of flexible end of line packaging machines. EndFlex has developed a diverse product line that includes case erecting, tray forming, case sealing, case packing, tray loading, pick & place and robotic palletizing machines, making it the industry’s true single source for end of line packaging.


We strive every day to provide value to our customers.

To us, value is derived from providing a collaborative buying experience where we genuinely want to help improve your end of line efficiencies by providing flexible packaging machinery that is easy to use, quick to service and lasts the test of time. With installations globally, we have successfully installed our packaging machines in a diverse range of industries including food, cannabis, beverage, automobile, apparel, health, beauty, printing, pharmaceutical and consumer electronics.

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