As one of the top picks of many industries when it comes to end-of-line packaging solutions, we at EndFlex has always strived to offer the best possible value to our customers. And by value, we mean offering vertical cartoning machine systems that are operator-friendly, fast to service, and extremely durable. From our popular end-of-line solutions like case erecting and tray forming, we have extended our product line and are now manufacturing automated vertical cartoning solutions.

Vertical cartoning machines are ideal for packaging a wide range of products such as rice, pet food, confectionery, powdered and granular items, dry past, soap, and many more. They are designed to form a carton board blank and turn it into a finished carton that is loaded with a product or a certain number of products. After accurately filling the carton with the desired product(s), the vertical cartoning machine will then apply tape and close the ends of the carton to completely seal it.

2 Types of Vertical Cartoning Machine Applications

At EndFlex, our automated cartoning solutions are all vertically-designed, meaning these machines work as vertical cartoners as opposed to the horizontal ones. Although carton machines are divided into two classifications, there’s not much of a difference between a horizontal and a vertical cartoning machine. The only stark difference is the position of the cartons when loaded into the machine. Putting it simply, when a carton is loaded in the machine and filled with products in a horizontal position, then it’s a horizontal type and the same mechanics apply to a vertical type of cartoning machine.

Boxxer Kartnr

Our Boxxer Kartnr is a vertical cartoner that automatically erects a folded carton, fill it with the desired number of products vertically through the open end, and closes the carton. In sealing the carton, the process goes in two ways: either you have the end flaps of the carton tucked or you apply glue or tape on the flaps to have them sealed. That is also the reason why vertical cartoning machines are also sometimes referred to as end-load cartoning machines.

4 Stages Of Carton Forming Process

Available in three models, we have 1) Auto-Lock, 2) Tucked, and 3) Glued. During the entire cartoning process, our Boxxer Kartnr undergoes in four major stages such as blank loading, carton erecting, carton loading, and closing & final discharge. On the first stage, carton blanks are loaded one at a time to the machine’s hopper magazine. After which, each carton blank is pulled from the loading station to have it erected individually. Third, with the help of motion sensors, a single carton is automatically plunged and loaded with your products. Finally, the minor flaps are pushed down, the top flap is closed and tucked while the finished carton is exiting the machine.