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Our Automatic Case Packing Machine is from Eagle PM which has grown globally with its successful installations in a very diverse range of industries like goods, apparel, health, beverages, beauty, printing, pharmaceutical and consumer electronics. We have a various selection of automatic case packing and loading solutions and other automatic and robotic case packing solutions. All of which are specifically designed by our company’s mechanical engineers to meet the needs of today’s packaging landscape. For this particular discussion, we will be discussing one out of the 3 divisions of our product. This brings us to the end of line automation part of our case packing machine.

Automatic Case Packing Machine

Our automatic case packing machine lineup are drop picking, side load and bottom load. To start, we have the drop packing that introduces to us. Our case packing machine’s ability to drop pack and load bags, cartons, boxes, jugs, and containers. Thanks to its custom-engineered design that will meet every requirement of our customers. Our case packers are made to be a compact machine for efficiently. And quickly glueing or taping a corrugated case, while requiring just minimal maintenance.

Second is the automatic case packing and loading machines which are specifically designed to side load containers, cartons, boxes, jugs and others. The same as the case packing machines in drop packing, these machines also require very little maintenance and are extremely easy to operate. Our team of mechanical engineers have worked tirelessly to provide the best performing machines which possess a great ability to load products in multiple patterns (cases or trays) all on the same machine.

Which leads us to our last part, the bottom load. In this case packing system, we have the up stacking and bottom loading procedure that is commonly used for products which need careful handling. The goal for this system is to load those products—including delicate baked products, heavy cartons, containers. With liquid into corrugated cases without damaging them. Fortunately, we have our Eagle Packaging’s All In One erect, form, load, and seal automatic case packing machine solutions. All built to meet the needs of any production requirement and manage a large variety of products. While significantly increasing the production rates and reducing manual labor costs.

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