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Eagle offers a wide variety of carton packing machine solutions specifically engineered for the needs of today’s packaging landscape. We also have the ability to custom engineer and manufacture to your every requirement. Our carton packing machines are as follows:

Eagle’s Pick and Place Modular System
Eagle’s Drop Packing and Loading System
BoxxPak Hand Packing System
EZPak All-In-One

Modular Pick and Place System

Compact in design, our Modular Pick and Place System can produce a diverse range of pack patterns and remarkable. It increase your efficiency and productivity. It also fits into any packaging line for precision. Top loading of cartons, cans, bottles, bags, and other products in single or multiple layers. The system is built with heavy-duty welded tubular steel construction that allows it to operate in a 24/7 environment. It features integrated touchscreen controls and diagnostics with a linear servo system capable of up to 25 picks per minute.

Drop Packing and Loading Systems

Second is our automatic Drop Packing and Loading Systems that drop packs and loads not only cartons but also boxes, jugs, bags, containers and more. These packing systems are designed to maximize overall production while reducing labor costs. The loading systems work by collating various cartons and other container types and drop pack them into ship-ready cases. Their common features are heavy-duty, mild steel frame, color touchscreen, interlocked doors, servo-driven operation, Nema 4 enclosures and SMC pneumatic components.

BoxxPak Hand Packing System

Third is the BoxxPak Hand Packing System that combines case erecting, hand pack stations, and case sealing into a compact and efficient workstation. It is built with an automatic indexing system that positions cartons and cases to minimize repetitive wrist and arm motions of the operator. This system is engineered to quickly and easily pack a large variety of product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials in a large range of case sizes. It also has four operator stations that will offer high productivity. Lastly, it can be integrated with a product infeed conveyor and box indexing conveyor.

EZPAK All-In-One

Another carton packing machine is our EZPAK All-In-One semiautomatic case erector and packing station that will fold, load, and seal your cases and cartons in one compact machine. EZPAK All-In-One known for its timesaving features and its ability to effectively meet any production demands. Its standard features include STEEL-IT painted frame, quick and easy changeover and adjustment, tool-less tape heads, easy load tape cartridge, and more.

EZPak Case Packing Station

Finally, we have our EZPak Case Packing Station that will automatically fold the flaps of your case while you manually load it. Once loaded, the machine will seal it with an existing sealer or the EZ Tape. Its standard features include STEEL-IT painted frame, quick and easy change-over, compact footprint and foot pedal.

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