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Carton Tape Machines or most commonly known as our case sealers come from the product line of our very own EZ-Tape Case Sealers. This family of automatic and semi-automatic sealers has 3 there models which are the;

EZ Tape CS – 150
EZ Tape CS – A50
EZ Tape CS – C50

Case Sealers

Our case sealers work by taping both the bottom and/or top of the carton and folding the front, back, and side slaps. All are equipped with dual masts that will provide stability all throughout the entire sealing process.

To start, we have the EZ Tape Case Sealer 150, an automatic random case closer and top bottom sealer that is very easy to use and is highly adjustable. EZ Tape Case Sealer 150 designed to automatically adjust cases that differ in width and height. This random case sealer is packed with robust side-belt drives to ensure square cases and create tight seals. It also includes a tool-less tape heads allowing a precise and consistent sealing accompanied with tape cartridges that are easily removed. This portable sealer with casters uses 120 VAC and can work on its own or as part of a complete production line.

Second, is the semi-automatic uniform top case sealer. The EZ Tape Case Sealer A50 that can tape both the bottom and/ or top of the case. This case sealer is simple to use, completely height-adjustable and is quick and easy when it comes to size changeover. Same with EZ 150, A50 also has tool-less tape heads, stable sealing and easily removable tape cartridges.

Finally, we have the EZ Tape Case Sealer C50, a uniform case closer and top and bottom. Sealer that is as user-friendly and as versatile as the other two EZ Tape case sealers. With its heavy-duty side-belts, ensuring square cases and providing tight seals are made easier. It is also built with casters for mobility, uses 120 VAC, has tool-less tape heads, and easy load tape cartridge. It can either work independently or as an auxiliary machine.

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