EndFlex is the only packaging company offering the largest variety of automatic case erecting machines for tape and glue. Designed with a strong structure and mechanically engineered to survive the toughest of environments. We are immensely pleased to supply our customers the choice of glue, tape or auto-lock systems. We are proud to present to you our three lines of case erector products:

T-Series case erector that will automatically form and tape cases with a speed of up to 30 cases per minute.
Boxxer Gluer dubbed as the most “heavy-duty” case erector to form and glue cases in the industry.
Auto-lock machine to erect cases that do not require the need for tape or glue.

Our Boxxer T-Series feature outstanding quality, compact and durable case erectors at a reasonable price. They are able to form as much as 50 cases per minute. Each is designed to be affordable, highly accessible and easy to maintain. This results in high and consistent production rates. Under this series, there are 3 available models, each of which has two specifications.

Boxxer T-18

Min Case Size- 11” Long x 7.5” Wide x 6” Diagonal
Max Case Size- 24” Long x 15.75” Wide x 19” Diagonal

Boxxer T-30

Min Case Size- 9.5” Long x 7.5” Wide x 5” Diagonal
Max Case Size- 20” Long x 16” Wide x 16” Diagonal

Boxxer T-50

Min Case Size- 10” Long x 6.6” Wide x 4.5” Diagonal
Max Case Size- 18” Long x 14” Wide x 14” Diagonal

Boxxer Glue Case Erector

Second, is the Boxxer Glue that erects and glues cases. Engineered to last a long time, this case erecting machine provides the operators a reliable and uncomplicated operation. All at a speed of up to 35 boxes per minute. In addition, this machine will only incur a low maintenance cost due to its mechanical drives and easy-to-access parts allowing a regular flow of production.

Boxxer Auto Lock

Finally, the Boxxer Auto Lock that does not use tape or glue and is designed for long-term use. By simply placing auto lock blanks in the hopper and pushing the start button, you can now start your job. Coming from the same brand, all three series case erecting machines have similar features such as color touch screen, easy-access panels, Venturi vacuum technology, heavy-duty frame, and much more.

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