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EndFlex is a top line supplier of automatic case erector machine solutions and case forming solutions with glue, tape, or auto-lock. With our wide-ranging product line, we take great measures in ensuring that our customers’ needs and requirements are achieved as efficiently and accurately as possible. Among our secondary packaging solutions, we’d like to introduce to you our case erecting machinery, namely:

Boxxer T-Series

Our Boxxer T-Series is consist of several models including the Boxxer T12 that can erect with speeds of up to 12 cycles per minute, Boxxer T 18 for up to 18 cycles per minute, and Boxxer T XL with up to 8 cycles per minute. These three automatic case erecting machines are capable of loading blanks, pulling those blanks from the hopper magazine, erect cases, tape and seal the bottom parts, then finally, release the finished case from the machine. They are designed with small footprint design to minimize floor space, casters for mobility, interlocked safety doors, right or left-hand machine execution and so much more.

For the last two Boxxer T models, we have the Boxxer T2319 Case Erector Taper and Boxxer T4036, both of which are also capable of loading blanks, erecting cases, sealing cases with tape, then discharging the finished cases from the machine. In addition, these two case erecting machines are equipped with a color touch screen, easy load blank magazine, and interlocked doors.

Boxxer Auto-Lock

This case erecting machine loads knockdown blanks to the hopper, pull each blank and erect them, fold and lock the flaps, deposited the case to the conveyor, then lastly, discharge the finished case one-by-one. Its features include a Venturi vacuum technology, Omron PLC, auto-idler, heavy-duty welded steel frame, and so on.

Boxxer 2200 Series

This case erecting machine is designed to transfer blanks, squarely erect them, apply hot melt glue to the minor flaps while t majors ones are plowed down, compress the flaps to set the glue, then ends with the finished box exiting the machine. To name some of its features, we have an auto-idea, mechanical chain drive, Omron programmable controller and quick size changeover.

Boxxer 4000 Series

Boxxer 4000 Case Erector loads blank into the hopper and erect them using vacuum cups. The erected case travels 90 degrees along the glue guns while minor flaps are applied with glue. The major flaps are then compressed and once sealed, the finished case goes out of the erecting machine. Its features include easy access panels around the machine, color touchscreen, interlocked doors, and more.

Boxxer Case Erector with Insert Placer and Gluer

For this particular case erecting machine, cases are erected with either tape or glue. Second, minor and major flaps are folded flat to prepare it for the gluing down of the insert. Once the insert is accurately placed and glued at the top of the case, the finished package then exits the machine. It is equipped with SMC pneumatic, heavy-duty welded steel frame, color touchscreen, easy load blank magazine, Nordson Glue System, and so much more.

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