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EndFlex is another USA based company that belongs to the family of Paxiom Group. We take pride in being a notable figure in the industry. Most notably, a manufacturer of case erecting, tray forming, case formers and robotic palletizing technology. We have a diverse Case Forming Machine product line. This includes forming and sealing corrugated trays and cases with glue tape or thru self-locking. To give some well-deserved recognition to our company after its successful operation over the years, we will do some exploring of our products under the erecting/forming department, our case formers.

EZ Pak Semi-Automatic Case Packing Station

The EZ Pak Semi-Automatic Case Packing Station is built to potentially increase the production and reduce the cost of labor. The procedure begins with the placement of an open knock-down blank. Then, it continues with the EZ Pak as it folds the major and minor flaps while the case is being loaded. Once the EZ Tape Bottom and Top sealer is added, a ship-ready box will be ejected. Our EZ Pak Semi-Automatic Case Packer can produce an excellent quality of packed cases with a minimum case size of 8 inches long x 6 inches wide x 6 inches diagonal and a maximum case size of 24 inches long x 20 inches wide x 22 inches diagonal.

Another one is the EZ-FORM that has the ability to also increase output and reduce labor costs while forming cases. It is great for those utilizing a variety of box sizes since the EZ-FORM erects and bottom seals a range of case sizes without adjustment. You only have to open and place your knock-down blank and it will eject a box ready to be loaded.

EX-Pak All in One

Then lastly, we have the EZ-Pak All In One solution that is ideal for applications that demand automatic case folding and sealing in just one compact footprint. To accomplish this, you just have to load for the EZ-Pak to automatically clamp the bottom of the case. This will provide some leeway for easy loading of the products. After the completion, you can have the case automatically transfer to the integrated top and bottom case taper. This is accomplished by a simple press of the foot pedal.

All of our EZ Pak models deliver the utmost durability, versatility, low maintenance, and easy operation. They also share common characteristics like a steel-it painted frame and a compact footprint. Also, quick and easy changeover, and compatibility with auxiliary equipment.

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