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At Eagle Packaging Machinery, we pride ourselves in offering our customers a diverse selection of tape case sealers. Our case taping
machine systems with their robust designs and smartly engineered structures, our tape cases are built to survive the harshest of environments.
These tape case machines are as follows:

Boxxer T-Series
EZTape series

Boxxer T-Series Case Taping Machine

Our compact and reliable Boxxer T-Series are designed to erect and tape cases and can form up to 50 cases per minute. The T-series case erectors with tape come in several models. The Boxxer T12, T18, & TXL are all designed to transfer the knock-down RSC or HSC blank from the hopper magazine to the erecting station. With the use of vacuum cups, the blank is pulled and the two minor flaps are folded into the case and then erected. The erected case is then driven through the taping section using dual belt drives. Finally, the major flaps of the case are plowed down with accuracy and tape is applied across it that will seal the bottom of the case squarely. Then ends with the discharging of the case from the machine.

Boxxer T12 erects and tapes cases with 11” – 24” length and 6” – 15” width
Boxxer T18 erects and tapes cases with 8.75 – 21.25” length and 6” – 16.5” width
Boxxer TXL erects and tapes cases with 14” – 31.5” length and 8” – 24” width

Boxxer T-2319 and T-4036 Case Taping Machine

The last two case taping machine models from the Boxxer T-series are the Boxxer T-2319 Case Erector Taper and Boxxer T-4036 Case Erector. They operate by loading blanks to the hopper, folding the minor and major flaps and erecting the case, sealing the case by applying pressure sensitive tape to the major flaps, then finally, discharging it from the machine in upright position. All our Boxxer T-series models share common features including color touchscreen, easy load blank magazine, high capacity tape head, interlocked doors, Nema 4 enclosures and SMC pneumatic components.


Finally, we have the EZ-Tape family of case sealers that are available in two operation modes, semi-automatic and automatic. All our case sealers are capable of taping both the bottom and/or top of the case. Furthermore, they are also highly adjustable and very user-friendly. They feature tool-less tape heads allowing precise and consistent sealing partnered with easily removable tape cartridges. Our tape case sealers can function independently and can be configured to be part of a complete packaging system. Our three models include:

EZTape CS-150
EZTape CS-A50
EZTape CS-C50

Furthermore, standard features are quick to adjust, quick changeover, easy load tape cartridge, 2” or 3” tape widths , side safety guarding, tool-less tape head and casters for mobility.

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