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At EndFlex, our tray erectors come from the model series of Vassoyo tray forming machines. As a result, we have come up with breaker box trays and triangular corner post trays. First is the VassoyoAir Breaker Box automatic tray former. It is designed to erect two style of trays; the Breaker and the Column Case tray erector style, in either a triangle corner or L-corner post configuration. The tray styles that can be applied with our VassoyoAir Breaker Box is the RSC style flaps or no flaps which allows for a retail-ready display tray. Perfect for those business owners who are in need of display trays.

This tray former is specifically constructed to pull tray blanks in one at a time from the hopper, fold and glue the major and/or minor flaps and corner posts, then discharge the finished tray from the machine.


The Breaker Box tray mostly comes in handy for users whose production are geared towards fully automatic production lines. They are offered in a variety of applications for the food and beverage industry. In fact, this kind of configuration from the VassoyoAir tray former has already served the meat, poultry, seafood and beverage industries. It can also be used for other industries.

VassoyoAir Tray Former

Next we have the VassoyoAir automatic tray erector that erects trays in a triangle corner post formation. It can produce tray styles like the RSC style flaps or no flaps for a retail-ready tray. Similar to the previous configuration, the VassoyoAir triangular corner post is also built to pull single blank trays one at a time from the hopper. It will then fold and glue the major and corner posts, and release the finished tray from the machine. The Triangular Corner Post tray is normally used in fully automatic production lines in a variety of food and beverage related applications. This particular configuration has already made quite a global impact on various different food industries.


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