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Eagle manufactures a variety of tray packaging solutions specifically designed to match our customer’s packaging needs and production requirements. We also custom engineer our products in order to keep up with the trend of today’s packaging industry. Our tray packaging system and machine are the following;

Pick & Place Modular System
EZ Glue Tray Sealer

 Pick & Place Modular System

Our Pick & Place Modular System automatically top-loads products into cases or trays that can produce a wide variety of pack patterns and significantly increase your efficiency and productivity. This tray packaging system is operated by servo motors that enable it to be integrated with any tray former.

Hence, reduce your labor costs by eliminating manual packing stations. It is equipped with vacuum or mechanical product pick up for careful handling of products that help increase tray loading stability. Thanks to its heavy-duty welded tubular steel construction, this modular system is built to last 24/7 operations. The Pick & Place System undergo several processes to produce a finished tray. The first step is to place the products whether it is in cans, bottles, or bags in single or multiple layers. Second, the product will be delivered to the staging area by the in-feed conveyor. The in-feed conveyor then positions the trays and prepare them to be packed. Next, the products will be picked up and placed directly into the tray. It will continue with the top loading process then apply your desired pack patterns. Then finally, the machine will produce shelf and display-ready packages.

For the second and last tray packaging, we have our EZ Glue Tray Sealer built with a heavy-duty, welded steel frame. It works by entering the erected trays loaded with products into the sealing machine, closing squarely and precisely the tray lid, sealing the front flap with hot melt glue, then sealing the flaps and discharging the finished tray from the machine in an orderly manner. Its user features are color touchscreen, quick changeover, and Nordson Glue System while its service features include interlocked doors, Nema 4 enclosures and SMC pneumatic components.

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