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EndFlex is a packaging company that specializes in producing end-of-line vertical carton machine solutions that involve various processes such as erecting, forming and packing of cases, tray, boxes, and many more types of container. Alongside our end-of-line solutions, this year, we have recently added a new product line named cartoning. Under this packaging solution, we have successfully designed and manufactured our first ever automatic vertical carton machine. This carton machine serves as a carton former and container inserter.

Accommodates an array of industries

The Boxxer Kartnr is normally utilized on packaging projects of companies from different industries including cosmetics, consumer products, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Introduces an auto-lock feature

Also known as a container inserter, EndFlex’s Boxxer Kartnr vertical carton machine is engineered to produce ‘auto-lock’ cartons in order to automatically place containers and close the lid.

Available in various carton models

We manufacture our Boxxer Kartnr in three different models such as auto-lock, which is the standard model, glued, and tucked. Regardless of the model, all our carton machines are designed to form, load, and close vertical board cartons, which is why it is classified as a vertical carton machine rather than a horizontal carton machine.

How Boxxer Kartnr works

1. Loads blank – Using your knockdown carton blanks, the vertical carton machine loads them onto the hopper magazine.
2. Erects the carton – Second, the knockdown blanks are pulled one at a time from the loading section and are accurately erected.
3. Transfers the container – After the blanks are loaded, they are then conveyed via starwheel to the next station.
4. Loads the container – Once erected, the cartons are loaded one-by-one into the container
5. Closes the flaps and discharges the carton – After the overlapping major flap on the top is closed and tuck, the minor flaps are then pushed down while being discharged from the vertical carton machine.

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