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On 1998, a packaging company was founded with a mission of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, vertical cartoner packaging solutions, specifically focusing on automated end-of-line machines. Now that two decades and a year have passed, EndFlex is pleased to introduce to its customers our new automatic vertical cartoner and container inserter under our existing Boxxer brand. Together with our various packaging machines from our popular brands like PopLok, BoxxPak, and Vassoyo, the Boxxer Kartnr Vertical Cartoner was able to earn its place on the industry with its exciting functionality and features.

Available in several models, our vertical cartoner can be used on various applications that require top/bottom gluing, top/bottom tucking, and tape sealing. It has become a common packaging machine used for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, health, and many other everyday consumer items. The Boxxer Kartnr automatically forms, loads, and closes your cartons. Being an automated machine, this is able to automatically load containers of various sizes ranging from small to medium-sized vertical end-load cartons.

Classifications of Cartoners

A cartoner is generally classified into two categories with one being a horizontal cartoner or a vertical cartoner. In determining the type of the carton machine, it can be easily figured out on whether the carton is positioned vertically or horizontally when it is fed through the forming machine.

What is a vertical cartoner

For EndFlex, however, our Boxxer Kartnr acts as a vertical cartoner. On vertical carton equipment, the carton is loaded into the machine in a vertical position. The product is also inserted either manually or automatically, most often than not, from the top of the cartoner. With the case of our Boxxer Kartner, it is capable of automatically inserting your products from the top. Vertical cartoners are ideal for packaging bare products; those that can be supplied by gravity and are sold per weight or volume.

Engineered with excellent features

It is equipped with a pivoting arm that is engineered to fold down the two minor flaps. In addition, our vertical cartoner comes with a pusher mechanism that will secure the top flap. The Boxxer Kartnr is also integrated with motion-activated sensors that produce robotic movements for a better and precise product loading.

Step-by-step process

The hopper magazine is loaded with carton blanks
From the loading station, the carton blanks are pulled and erected individually.
Once erected, one-by-one, the carton is automatically plunged and loaded with product

The minor flaps are pushed down and the major flap is closed and tucked while the finished carton exits from the machine.

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