EndFlex PKR Gantry Modular Cell for Loading Canisters into Trays

August 16, 2023
August 16, 2023 Damien Sandoval

Experience the future of automation as the PKR Gantry case packer precisely handles canisters and expertly places them into trays. Each movement is flawlessly executed, ensuring your products are packaged with the utmost care.

The PKR Gantry’s modular design is your key to versatility. Adapt the system to accommodate different tray sizes, canister shapes, and various industries, making it a powerhouse asset on your production line.

📙About this video:
Technology: Case / Tray Packing, Robotics
Model: Boxxer All-in-one, PKR Gantry
Package Type: Tray – Corrugated
Product running: Rigid Container

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