VassoyoAir tray forming machine for produce trays with ledges

November 6, 2018
November 6, 2018 Damien Sandoval

Vassoyo Air™

Designed to pull one blank tray from the top of the blank hopper. As the blank transfers to the forming section, glue is applied to all the flaps. The blank is then positioned under the ram and mandrel assembly. When the blank is in place, the ram fires and forces the blank down through the forming section of the machine. Here the minor flaps on the tray are folded in, forming the body of the tray. The tray is held in the forming section, allowing the glue to set on the minor flaps. Next, the ledge flaps are rolled over the ends of the tray and the side wings folded down and compressed against the retractable mandrel. The mandrel will retract, allowing the ram to move up, exiting the finished tray. When the next tray enters the forming section, the tray is discharged.

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