What is automatic case erecting?

May 26, 2018
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May 26, 2018 Eaglepm Blog

Most if not all products are shipped to consumers, retailers or wholesalers in corrugate boxes.

All companies start off by forming cases (boxes) the old fashion way – folding them by hand and probably with the help of your knee for balance while taping!

As demand grows for your products, companies continually need to find ways to improve output and productivity to increase output (ALL GOOD PROBLEMS!) and that’s where automation comes in.

  • A manual process of forming and taping cases may produce up to 2-5 cases per minute with a full time person.
  • An automatic process can easily produce from 10 to 30 cases per minute (that’s 600 to 1800 an hour while allowing you to have that great employee focus on something else)

A case erecting machine like the Boxxer, removes the manual process completely by automatically taking a flat blank, opening, folding it and then taping the bottom of the corrugated case. Essentially all a person has to do is load the machine with corrugated blanks and let the Boxxer case erector do the rest.

For those who are more technical, the process works like this:

The Boxxer case erector is designed to transfer the knock-down RSC or HSC blank from the hopper magazine to the erecting station. Using vacuum cups, the blank is pulled, the two minor flaps are folded into the case and positively erected. With dual belt drives, the erected case is driven through the taping section. The major flaps of the case are precisely plowed down and tape is applied across it, sealing the bottom of the case squarely and then discharging it.


If you’re unsure if the return on investment is right for your company, take a few moments and use our Investment Calculator to crunch some numbers – you may be surprised!

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Corrugated RSC case formed on Boxxer case erecting machine