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Ready to Grow

Automated workcell helps greenhouse operator achieve end-of-line packaging perfection to keep up with growing demand for its premium tomatoes. Growing healthy, tasty natural products consumers can’t seem to get enough of is every farmer’s dream. And for leading Canadian greenhouse operator NatureFresh Farms, living the proverbial American dream has been exciting and exhilarating ride ever […]

Integrated end-of-line solutions, helping you put the pieces together

Sure, navigating the vast world of end-of-line packaging can be tricky at times.EndFlex is here to make things a little simpler for you. Let’s assume that your business has already incorporated some level of primary packaging automation with weighing, bagging, or container filling.Now, you may find yourself asking, “What next?”, “Where do I go from […]

How can my business benefit from a Cartoning Machine?

If your business uses a carton in or as your product packaging, it is worthwhile to consider implementing this technology. But what specific automated cartooning machine technology is the right fit for your needs? All cartoning machines are not created equal, but they do share the same ultimate goal of increasing efficiency and eliminating the […]

What is automatic case erecting?

Most if not all products are shipped to consumers, retailers or wholesalers in corrugate boxes. All companies start off by forming cases (boxes) the old fashion way – folding them by hand and probably with the help of your knee for balance while taping! As demand grows for your products, companies continually need to find […]

Forming Unique Trays for Auto Parts, Hardware and Componentry

The PopLok ®, manufactured by EndFlex, is a customizable automatic tray forming solution designed to erect self-locking corrugated and paperboard trays with or without a lid. The PopLok ®, capable of forming 1-tuck, 2-tuck, and multi-tuck trays, is built in a heavy duty welded steel frame and constructed with durability and longevity in mind. The […]

Flexible end of line solutions

EndFlex is often known for its industry leading PopLok for forming die cut display trays, but we also pride ourselves on engineering flexible end of line case loading solutions. Flexible = able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions. Many machinery companies would prefer un-flexible designs as this helps ensure you […]