EndFlex’s PopLok for roll and tuck trays

EndFlex’s PopLok is an automatic tray forming solution designed to erect self-locking corrugated and paperboard trays with or without a lid. The PopLok, capable of forming 1-tuck, 2-tuck, and multi-tuck trays, is built in a heavy duty welded steel frame and constructed with durability and longevity in mind.

The PopLok operates efficiently by gently pulling tray blanks, one at a time, from the hopper to a forming section where precise plows then erect the side and end panels of the tray. At the same time, the minor flaps are folded and the tray finally passes through a set of side bars that fold and lock the roll-over flaps into place.

Using no glue or tape, the PopLok handles a large variety of blank sizes to produce an impressive finished tray. Delicate machine handling ensures that tray graphics are not marred in any way for retail requirements.

For more information, visit www.endflex.com.


Automatic tray former for triangular corner post trays

EndFlex, Miami, Fla., developed a new solution, the VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post automatic tray former, geared toward addressing secondary packaging needs for food, non-food and bulk packaging industries displaying product in wholesale club retail environments.

The VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post machine has the ability to mechanically form and glue triangular corner post trays in various configurations, creating a sturdy and stackable display-ready tray. Triangular corner post trays provide strength, stability and safety, and are ideal for produce, meat and poultry and consumer goods.

Within its compact frame, the VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post automatic tray former forms up to 1,500 trays per hour and accommodates a wide range of sizes, from small to large and shallow to deep. The automatic tray former comes standard with a 7-inch-wide color touchscreen display pre-loaded with graphic instructional tutorials, a Venturi-style vacuum system with self-cleaning cups, a Nordson ProBlue hot-melt glue system and Category 4 safety circuits.



Flexible end of line solutions

EndFlex is often known for its industry leading PopLok for forming die cut display trays, but we also pride ourselves on engineering flexible end of line case loading solutions.

Flexible = able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions.

Many machinery companies would prefer un-flexible designs as this helps ensure you need to purchase more parts and more equipment should your process or product every change. We are the opposite our solutions are designed to be modular, removable and adjustable.

Take for instance our competitor to the BoxxPak, the indexing conveyance, case erecting and sealer are all welded to a single frame making it literally impossible to break up should life throws a curve ball your way.

Our BoxxPak end of line case loading system was designed with curve balls, breaking balls and knuckle balls in mind. Each component of the system (case erecting, case taper, case indexer, product conveyor) can all be removed, reversed and used independently.

The next time you need end of line flexibility, give us a call!