Introducing Paxiom’s Turn-Key Bulk Nut Vacuum Packaging System

March 4, 2024
March 4, 2024 Damien Sandoval

We are excited to announce the installation of our innovative turn-key bulk nut packaging system, designed to streamline the packaging process for peanuts and ensure freshness and efficiency at every step. This comprehensive system offers a centralized solution for weighing, filling, vacuum packaging peanuts into corrugated cases (20 to 40 lbs), and robotically palletizing them for shipment.


Key Highlights of Paxiom’s Turn-Key System:


  1. All-In-One Solution: Paxiom’s turn-key system ensures that one company supplies and services the entire packaging and palletizing process, simplifying operations and increasing efficiency.


  1. Case forming and sealing: EndFlex T-series automatic case erector for RSC corrugated cases and EZ Tape automatic case sealer.


  1. Accurate weigh filling system: Weighpack Systems’ high precision net weigh filling system includes it’s unique vibratory triple pan configuration with bulk and dribble system to ensure high accuracy and consistently.


  1. Vacuum Packaging Technology: The Weighpack Systems’ VerTek 2400 bagger vertical form fill & seal machine, center piece of the system, incorporates innovative vacuum packaging technology. This unique feature ensures that peanuts are gas flushed and vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness, extend shelf life, and preserve product quality.


  1. Robotically Palletize a Pallet, Slip Sheet and Cases: The system is equipped with an EndFlex Z Zag robotic palletizing cell with all-in-one capabilities, greatly reducing labor costs and maximizing productivity by automatically placing pallets, slip sheets and cases.


  1. Sustainable Packaging: This system contributes to reducing waste and enhancing sustainability efforts by using roll stock film as opposed to pre-made bags thus reducing shipping costs, storage space and package waste.


About the Paxiom Automation:

Paxiom is a global leading packaging machinery sales and service organization that represents leading brands including Weighpack Systems Inc (, EndFlex LLC ( and ValTara SRL (


Based in Las Vegas, NV, with 6 global locations, Paxiom specializes in automated packaging machine technologies including weigh filling, vertical bagging, pre made pouch filling, flow wrapping, cartoning, case erecting, case packing, robotic palletizing and automated turnkey solutions.


Paxiom works with companies of all sizes to find the best automated packaging machinery solutions for their business to increase efficiencies.



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