Automatic tray former for triangular corner post trays

EndFlex, Miami, Fla., developed a new solution, the VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post automatic tray former, geared toward addressing secondary packaging needs for food, non-food and bulk packaging industries displaying product in wholesale club retail environments.

The VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post machine has the ability to mechanically form and glue triangular corner post trays in various configurations, creating a sturdy and stackable display-ready tray. Triangular corner post trays provide strength, stability and safety, and are ideal for produce, meat and poultry and consumer goods.

Within its compact frame, the VassoyoAir Triangular Corner Post automatic tray former forms up to 1,500 trays per hour and accommodates a wide range of sizes, from small to large and shallow to deep. The automatic tray former comes standard with a 7-inch-wide color touchscreen display pre-loaded with graphic instructional tutorials, a Venturi-style vacuum system with self-cleaning cups, a Nordson ProBlue hot-melt glue system and Category 4 safety circuits.


BOXXER Case Erectors Now Standard with Powered Hoppers

BOXXER T12 and BOXXER T18 automatic case erectors are designed to efficiently erect and seal both regular slotted and half slotted cases with high-strength tape.

The BOXXER line of case erectors now comes standard with high capacity powered hoppers for continuous automatic loading. Over 300 corrugated blanks can be staged on the magazine and automatically fed, one by one, to the machine with no user interference. New hopper design incorporates a straight-line positive automatic infeed as opposed to the gravity-dependent declined ramp system.

BOXXER case erectors are constructed in durable welded steel and offer a compact footprint and easy mobility in limited-space production facilities.

Additional standard features include an easy-operate color touch screen, quick-change over mechanisms, right or left hand machine execution, leveling pads, auto-idler, and PLC.

BoxxPak Case Packing System Reduces Labor

The BoxxPak’s integrated system is ergonomically designed with the operator in mind to combine case erecting, product loading stations, and case sealing into a compact and efficient work cell.

At the forefront of benefits are minimal repetitive wrist movement and arm motion during the case packing process. Additional operator-friendly features include quick size change-over, conveniently adaptable load stations, and flexible system configuration.

The BoxxPak is highly customizable and can accommodate up to four operators. In the pick and pack workstation, product is neatly conveyed alongside each erected case minimizing physical stress and decreasing the likelihood of operator injury.

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